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Turn your drill into a drain cleaning machine

Obliterate blockages, limescale and tree roots in seconds
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Do you use a jetting machine?

In the same amount of time it would take to set up your jetting machine, you could have removed root intrusion, tuberculation, lime scale, urine scale, and even solid obstructions.
Our tools are lightweight and compact, so you can carry them in an elevator, and reach places that are impossible for your jetter. Use less than 3% of the water you would need to get the same result. If you have tried to remove tuberculation or lime scale with a high pressure jetting machine, you will probably agree that this is a perfect alternative.
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Using a drain Auger?

Our flexible shaft tools are safer than operating an exposed drain auger cable because the flexible shaft is housed in a chemical and heat resistant sleeve. You could even use your drain inspection camera at the same time that you are cleaning your pipe to have a better view of what you are doing. The flexible shaft also puts less strain on the inside of the pipe you are cleaning. This reduces the risk of damaging the pipework.

Money wise

How many call-outs would you need to conclude to pay for these tools? How many hours could you save by using them? How much water could you save? How much diesel does your jetter use per hour? It is clear that if you are not using these tools to compliment the equipment that you have now, then you are missing out.
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Pipe Rehabilitation

Trenchless technologies & pipe coating systems.
Remove failed liners in a fraction of the time it would take to use a chemical softener, or prepare the inner surface of your pipework for perfect adhesion of your liner to the pipe wall. Prepare pipes for your coating system ranging from 32mm (1.3”) up to 200mm (8”).

3-5 Days International Delivery

We manufacture our chains in Turku Finland, and deliver them to the United Kingdoms within 3-5 days. (excluding weekends)
We use an expedited courier service to ensure that your tools arrive in the shortest possible time.
We have not included VAT, and the nominal customs duty, to our prices, but then the VAT is refundable on your return statement.
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We accept Mastercard, Visa, and direct payments
Your credit card details are collected and processed through a third party payment processor. No one in our business has access to this information, and we do not store the information on our website. Payments are taken through Stripe Payment Processor. (
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Not sure what to order?

We got you covered. Let us know what kind of pipes you are cleaning, and we will make a custom kit just for you.


We manufacture and distribute our tools in Finland.
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